Combo Ticket 2 lines
Code: 56
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$ 32.00
точка отправления: Kote Apkhazi st.44
Время отправления: 11:00 , 15:00, Every 40 minute
частота тура: Каждый день
сезон: Круглый год
время действия: 1 раз.
комментарий: Английский,русский
категория: Экскурсии по городу

Combo Ticket (Red Line + Green Line)

Citysightseeing Tbilisi red bus tour is the most convenient way to get oriented in the city, especially for the first time visitors. Tour ticket allows you to hop on & hop off our double - decker bus at any stop within 24 hours, and explore the city at your own pace.

Discover the best of Tbilisi sightseeing from high above the city streets with the red double-decker bus tour. Let our professional guide lead you on 11 unique bus loopps highlighting the most iconic old town and surrounding wall, Meidan square, sulphur bath district, Mtkvari river, Metekhi wall, Dry bridge, Flea market, Rike park, Peace bridge, Freedom square, Rustaveli avenue, Heroes square, Agmashenebeli avenue and much more!

Tbilisi city bus tour is complemented with unique views from second floor of our open top bus. Excursion is accompanied with audio guide in the language of your choice - English, Russian, Ukrainian and more to come.

The trip is one of a kind in Tbilisi and provides best value for families, friends, couples and solo travellers.

We are proud representatives of Worldwide Citysightseeing Company, delivering similar services to visitors in almost 100 top destinations globally, such as New York, London, Paris, Dubai and of course Tbilisi!

Citysightseeing Tbilisi bus is the most convenient way to get oriented in the city, especially for the first time visitors.

The trip offers a perfect introduction to must see places in Tbilisi and covers all major tourist attractions, including old town and surrounding wall, Meidan square, The biggest Holy Trinity Church in Europe, Refined District of Tbilisi, Cable Car to Turtle Lake, Embassy Districs, Stadium in the nmme of Michael Meskhi, Ethnographic Museum, Turtle Lake, Svanetian Towers, Old District Sololaki, Panoramic View on Tbilisi, Mtatsminda Park (Georgian Disneyland)

The trip is one of a kind in Tbilisi and provides best value for families, friends, couples and solo travelers.

We are proud representatives of Worldwide Citysightseeing Company, delivering similar services to visitors in almost 100 top destinations globally.

Tickets can be booked online with promotions and here, at our offices:

  • Office 1 (44 Kote Apkhazi str. Meidan sq)
  • Office 2 (1/3 Pushkin str. Freedom sq)
  • At our bus stops

See a quick MAP for the detailed route or download a full printable PDF map here.

IMPORTANT! Information for the ladies, we will visit the monastery, take a scarf with you to cover the head.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Tbilisi, Thank you and enjoy your trip!

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