Travel with Children

Travel with Children

Family is important in the Caucasus, and children are considered treasured gifts from God. Local people love meeting children and are very relaxed with them – it’s perfectly normal for strangers to strike up a conversation over kids, and for the most part people will be extremely considerate towards travelers with children.

Children are only likely to enjoy travel in the region if they enjoy the things most travellers do here, such as hiking, horse riding and visiting monuments.

Journeys in sweltering, crowded minivans and buses can be trying, and delays and minor inconveniences can make life difficult travelling on a budget.

Resort areas like Batumi (Georgia) have some child-friendly attractions.

Most Azerbaijani woodland retreats have toddler play areas.

Disposable nappies are sold in the larger towns, but may be hard to come by elsewhere.

Extra beds for children sharing a parents’ room are often available at no, or low, cost.

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