Private Tour: Kutaisi
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Start Point: Kote Apkhazi st.44
Frequency: everyday
Season: All year round
Ticket Lenght: 1 time
Commentary: english,russian

Private Tour: Kutaisi

On our tour to Kutaisi you will have an opportunity to visit several UNESCO World Heritage Sites around one of the oldest cities in Georgia and explore one of Georgia’s natural wonders providing visitors with access to underground waterfalls, cave pearls, rivers and lakes.

Excursion is accompanied with private guide and private car, and provides best value for families, friends, couples and solo travelers 

We will visit:

  • Kutaisi city - one of the most beautiful and ancient Georgian cities, the land of Argonauts, situated in West Georgia on the banks of the picturesque Rioni River. ( Without stops) Motsameta Monastery. It is located 6km out of Kutaisi, off the Gelati road. Take the turning marked by a photo of the church and follow this track for a couple of kilometres. This little monastery has a spectacular setting on a cliff-top promontory above a bend of the Tskhaltsitela River. Situated dizzily high above the ravine of the Tskhaltsitela River, the monastery offers awe-inspiring views of the river and the surrounding countryside from any number of buildings and points on the grounds. Extremely isolated and seldom visited by tourists.
  • Gelati Monastery. This perfectly restored outstanding monument of Georgian architecture was the centre of spiritual and scientific life of the Middle Ages, the tomb of Georgian rulers, the cult place for pilgrims. It is located 1 km from the city of Kutaisi and is under UNESCO protection as an object of cultural and historical legacy. In fact Gelati is a rich historical architectural complex comprising the ancient monastery, the bell tower, the church and the academy set up in 1106 by the great ruler of Georgia David the Builder. Thus, Gelati was not only the spiritual centre of the country but also the largest centre of culture, history and science. David the Builder, who wanted to create a large educational centre in his country, gathered the best Georgian scientists in the academy. In Gelati there was a big and rich library, the teachers and scientists in the academy were the most educated people of the time.
  • Prometheus cave is the biggest cave in Georgia. Although only one tenth is open for tourists. These caves belong to Imereti Protected Areas, and are quite close – you can easily visit both in one day. Driving through dense forests of West Georgian mountains, you’ll suddenly run into a tourist center of Prometheus cave. There is a worldwide known legend of Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods, for which he was punished and chained to Khvamli Mountain, which can be seen from Prometheus Cave, one of the most adventurous places in Georgia. We may not believe in legends, but we definitely believe in a beauty of Prometheus cave. Here you can find a very special form of stalactites, stalagmites, petrified stone waterfalls and hanging curtains, underground River and lakes – all this on a nice 1.4km walk in mysterious and cool atmosphere and short boat trip if interested.

Tour price not include:

  • lunch
  • Entrance tickets to museum

Tickets can be booked online with promotions and here, at our offices:

  • Office 1 (44 Kote Apkhazi str. Meidan sq)
  • Office 2 (1/3 Pushkin str. Freedom sq)

IMPORTANT! Information for the ladies, we will visit the monastery, take a scarf with you to cover the head.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Tbilisi. Thank you and enjoy your trip!

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